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what we do

The Core to BridTEC is Software Engineering...

Software Development ::

David is a junior Software Engineer, member of the British Computer Society and general geek. At BridTEC we can Spec, Build and support your required applications for your work or home. We support many programming languages such as C, C++, C# and Java. We can also develop for platforms such as Windows, Linux and even mobile platforms such as Windows CE. Our applications can fit into you existed business applications and we support the latest service oriented architectures such as XML.

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Web Development ::

Our strongest skill is web development. From single static sites to fully dynamic content managed sites, we can do it all. We are not professionals in Web Design (we have never studied art) but our clients have been happy with our attempts at design.

IT Consulting ::

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We have knowledge to share so that exactly what we do. We can help you out with the jargon of the IT world or help you spec up a new system. Don't know what type of Network to buy? we are here to help.

We know longer offer computer services. Depending on the clients requirement we sometimes offer some kind of Media service such as video on demand and general filming, but this is normally is use to support one of our main services such as a web site.

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