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about us

BridTEC under its former name of Grahamsoft was established in 1997 by BSc Computing student David Graham. David has always had a strong passion for technology and decided to put his talent to good use and set up the brand of BridTEC.

the history

Over the last 10 years his experience with new technologies has grown and grown. By the age of 12 he built his first PC which has given him the ability to install, configure and repair most computer hardware and software. In 2000 with the web still being very young David experimented with web development and in 2003 was given the opportunely to build a dynamic web site for his local golf club. Another club got interested in David's web development talent and in 2004 he built another dynamic website for a Tennis club in Hampshire. David used this website as part of his college course work and achieved a distinction for this project. By this time the web had matured at an alarming rate with the launch of Broadband. The big thing now is multimedia, an old school term with a new slant. 2005 saw the production of the first BridTEC DVD. A wedding was filmed, edited and encoding onto a DVD with packaging and labels to give it a professional look. 2007 saw the development of the first control product. A platform was created using microcontrollers to control a model railway in a modular fashion. Now in his forth and final year of university, David currently divides his time between developing BridTEC and studying for his University degree.

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David Graham

A Commodore Amiga 500 kicked off
David's interest of computing

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